Price: $11.37
(as of Jul 05, 2024 06:55:56 UTC – Details)

– Left hand thumb throttle or right hand throttle for adjusting the speed.
– This is a super nice accessory for e-bike or scooter, it is easily wired to any scooter or e-bike.
– If your not hard wiring this in and you would like certain ends put on the wires in a certain spot to make the install easier.
– With this accelerator throttle, you can control the speed of your electric bicycle and scooters easily.
– Left hand and right hand for choosing.

Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Type: Right Hand; Left Hand (Optional)
Cable Length: Approx. 1.6m / 5.2feet
Suitable Handlebar Diameter: Approx. 22.5mm / 0.88inch
Voltage: Works with Any Voltage
Red Wiring: Positive +5V
White Wiring: Signal
Black Wiring: Negative -5V
Weight: Approx. 87-91g

Packing List:
1 x Throttle Speed Control
1 x Wire Holder
[Easy Speed Adjustment]: This thumb throttle electric bike is mainly to help you provide stable and sensitive speed control when riding, which can work normally on the left and right sides of the handlebar, thereby effectively improving your riding efficiency
[Easy to Install]: The installation of this ebike thumb throttle is very convenient, if your wiring is not very hard, and you want to put some ends on the wires in a specific position, your installation will be easier
[Good Compatibility]: The weight of this thumb throttle speed control is very light, the suitable handlebar diameter is 0.88 inches, and it can work under any voltage
[Sturdy and ]: This ebike thumb throttle is made of high-quality plastic, so the wires and interfaces are sturdy and , and it can be effective and long-lasting
[Left and Right Hand Optional]: This accelerator thumb throttle has left and right hand options to meet the usage habits of different people, allowing you to easily control the speed of electric bicycles and scooters