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Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor Kit

Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor KitFront Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor Kit

Package List:

1 x Motor Wheel

1 x Controller

1 x Meter

1 x Meter Manual

2 x Power Off Brake Handle

1 x Throttle Shifter

1 x D12 Assist Sensor Wiring

1 x D12 Assist Sensor Power Chip

1 x D12 Power Sensor Ring

2 x Tie

1 x Controller Bag

1 x Manual

Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor KitFront Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor Kit

LCD-S866 Meter Working Voltage: DC 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V Compatible (Meter Selection Settings)

LCD S866 Meter Function Description:

# Display Function: Speed Display, Power Indicator, Fault Indicator, Total Mileage, Single Mileage

# Control Setting Functions: Power Switch Control, Wheel Diameter Setting, Idle Auto Sleep Time Setting, Backlight Brightness Setting, Start Mode Setting, Drive Mode Setting, Voltage Level Setting, Controller Limit Value Setting

# Communication Protocol: UART

# Display All Contents Of The Screen (Display All Contents For 1s After Startup)

# Display Of Battery Quantity And BMS Remaining Quantity

# Multi Function Display Area: Total Mileage ODO, Single Mileage TRIP (Unit: Mile, Km), Single Startup Time, Battery Voltage VOL, DST Battery Life

# Speed Display Area

AVG: Average Speed, MAX: Maximum Speed, SPEED: Current Speed, Unit: Mp/H Km/H

The Speed Signal Is Taken From The Hall Signal In The Motor And Sent To The Instrument By The Controller. (Time Of A Single Hall Cycle, Unit: 1MS) The Instrument Will Calculate The True Speed Based On The Wheel Diameter And Signal Data (The Amount Of Magnetic Steel Required By The Motor Hall)

Vehicle Power Gear Adjustment, 0-9 Digital Display And Bar Display.

Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor KitFront Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor Kit

Controller Line Color Definition:

Yellow, Green And Blue Single Big Head Wire: Motor Phase LineRed, White, Black, Blue, Green And Yellow Double Row Six Wire Port: Motor Hall LineRed And Black Single Big Head: Power CordRed, Blue, Black, Green And Yellow Single Row Five Wire Port: Meter Wire (5PIN)Black And Yellow Line (2pcs) : Power Off Brake Handle LineRed, Black And White Line: Throttle Shifter Line (3PIN)Brown, Black And Yellow Line: Assist Sensor Line (3PIN)Black And Red Wire (2pcs): Headlight Wire

Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor KitFront Wheel Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor Kit


Item Type: 20 Inch Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

Weight: Approx.9450g / 333.3oz

Material: Stainless Steel + Aluminum Alloy + ABS Plastic

Product Size:

Controller Box Size: Approx.185 x 84 x 43mm / 7.3 x 3.3 x 1.7in

Meter: Approx.80 x 48mm / 3.1 x 1.9in

Motor Wheel Type: Front Drive Motor Wheel

Motor Rated Voltage: 48V

Motor Rated Power: 1500W

Motor Speed: About 45-55km/h

Motor Speed: 414-487 RPM

Motor Torsion (N.M): 71-74.6 N.M

Motor Shift Size (mm): Approx.100mm / 3.9in

Motor Matching Controller Current: 35A

Motor Ring: P25D

Motor Torsion Arm: M 14

Applicable Motor Brake Disc: Approx.160mm / 6.3in

Motor Brake Type: Universal V Brake, Disc Brake

Motor Wheel Position: Front Wheel

Motor Structure: DC Motor

Motor Magnet Height: 35H

Number Of Magnetic Steel Poles Of Motor: 46

Motor Operating Temperature: -20℃ – 45℃

Controller Rated Voltage: 36V DC 48V DC

Maximum Controller Current: 35A

Controller Speed Setting: 1-4.2V

Controller Brake Input: Low Level


Connector Types: Ordinary SM Connector

What You Get: 20 inch E- conversion kit contains 48V 1500W front drive motor wheel, 35A controller, LC‑S866 meter, 130X shifter, D12 assist sensor, a pair of power off brake handle, controller bag and manual.
Aluminum Alloy Wheel Ring: Brushless wheel hub DC motor adopts aluminum alloy wheel ring and is processed by fine technology, which effectively enhances the of the wheel ring.
Good Quality Controller: The controller housing is made of high quality metal with designed to the internal circuitry from thermal overload due to good heat dissipation. LCD meter adopts high quality ABS material, light, rain proof, sturdy and .
Multifunction LCD Display: LCD backlight display, can clearly display the status and data such as power display, speed display, power indicator, fault indication, total mileage, single mileage, current speed, average speed, maximum speed, gear display, etc.
Service Guarantee: If you have any questions about the Electric Conversion Kit, please feel to tell us, we will provide you with follow-up services.