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Product Parameters:

1. Output 54.6V- 2Amp 2. Input AC :110-240V 50/60Hz DC:54.6V 3:configure Charger + 5 adapter cables 4.Compatible for 48V 54.6V charger suitable for charging 48V lithium ion battery packs 5.Suitable products Electric Bike /Electric Scooter /Electric Bicycle/Portable Power etc. Please note Product not suitable for lead-acid batteries and batteries other than 48V


Uzi Upgrade Universal – Smart Rapid Charger

Product Features

Fast & Smart – High-current fast charging that automatically adjusts to the temperature and condition of the battery.

6 safety protection modes – over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature, reverse connection, fuse protection, etc.

Hassle-free use – Just plug it in and it will automatically charge and maintain your battery (when it is full, it shows a green light)

CC-CV working mode – maximize the life span of battery. Auto-stop when full charged.

Reminder/caution: 1:Monitor the battery temperature when using this charger for the first time 2:Do not charge any bad batteries. 3:Do not use if you have an improper battery connector or polarity. 4:Do not use when the environment is wet. 5:Disconnect AC power when battery is fully charged. 6:Do not use for lead-acid batteries.


Charger Does Not Work , Steps for Inspection:

Please test the health of the battery before charging, (the battery has been used for more than 12 months or not used for 3-4 months).

If the green light is on when you plug it in, but the charger does not work when the battery is connected and the green light is still on. This is because the positive and negative (+/-) connectors of our charger do not match the size of your battery connector, you can try to change the connector to connect with your battery.

When plugged into the power supply green light, connected to your device LED shows red light means it has been working properly, after fully charged LED will become green light. (For all technical issues, we are always by your side).

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42V 54.6V 54.6V 36V/48V/52V 36V/48V/52V 36V/48V/52V

Max. Current
2A 2A 3A 8A-30A Full Series 8A-30A Full Series 8A-30A Full Series

Usage Scenarios
48V Battery Pack 36V Battery Pack 48V Battery Pack Electric Bike Electric Bike Electric Bike

1 Tow 5 Styles 1 Tow 5 Styles 1 Tow 5 Styles XT-60 XT-60 XT-60


Catering to All Types of Vehicles : The charger can be compatible with multiple plugs at the same time (DC5.5-2.1/2.5mm, 9mm Aviation plug, 12mm Aviation plug, XLR,DCA8mm Cannon,IEC ),it ONLY FITS for 48V Lithium Battery.
Keep Battery Running Strong : Our charger uses a CC-CV working mode to optimize battery life and automatically stops charging when the battery is full.(Not for use with lead-acid batteries.)
Safe and Eco-Friendly: Input:100-240VAC, 50/60Hz.Output: 54.6V 2A(battery voltage is usually marked as 48V), is made with fireproof ABS material that’s friendly to the environment and is designed to be lightweight yet heavy-duty.
Lightweight and Convenient : red light on means charging; green light means full or disconnected, the perfect accessory to keep your e-bike or scooter fully energized and ready to go.
Hassle-Free Guarantee: We stand behind our product and offer a full refund or replacement if you’re not satisfied. Click the “Add to Cart” button now to enjoy a risk-free purchase.