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36V/48V E-bike Battery consists of high quality lithium-ion battery cells, which has intelligent BMS protection. The aluminum cover is light and easy to carry and carry. The larger capacity battery allows you to use the electric bike for a longer time. Each battery comes with a mounting bracket, with which you can easily and quickly install and remove.
It comes with a display to show how much power is left in the battery. With 1 red light and 3 green lights, the battery is 100% full; with 2 green lights, there is 75% power; and so on, when there is no green light, the battery has no remaining power and needs to be charged.

including packaging
1.1pcs 36V/48V Li-ion battery with built-in BMS board
2.1 2A charger
4.Battery mounting plate
5.Slide rail

product information
Battery type: Lithium battery
Standard voltage: 36V, 48V
Current Charging: 3 (A)
Applicable type: Silverfish electric car, driving, folding electric car
Dimensions: 390*110*75mm
Charging voltage: 42V/54V
Storage temperature: -15℃-45℃
Net weight: 3500 (g)
Nominal capacity: 15Ah, 20Ah
[CAPACITY]15Ah/20Ah | Voltage: 36V48V | Size: 390*110*75mm | Connector: 4-pin | 3A charger
[EASY TO USE]Modern design, the battery can be raised and lowered, easy to install and disassemble. Equipped with a display that allows you to accurately understand the remaining battery power, preventing the battery from running out during driving. Plus, it’s battery-powered, waterproof and sandproof, so you don’t have to worry about it on the go.
[DISCHARGE EFFICIENCY] The battery can work at a temperature of -15 ~ 45 ℃, and the discharge efficiency can reach 95%. With the full use of the battery, the driving distance will be longer. When the battery is not in use, the self-discharge rate does not exceed 3%. You can save battery.
[LOCK & POWER INDICATOR]The padlock with key can lock the battery to prevent theft. Illuminated LED battery level indicator notifies you when it’s time to charge the battery. Carrying handle to facilitate the transport of the batteries.
[SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION]The battery cell is made of environmentally friendly lithium-ion material, which not only provides stable battery performance, but also has built-in overvoltage, overcurrent, overcharge, short circuit and temperature protection to ensure your safety. Not threatened, and the battery is well designed. Anti-theft device prevents battery loss.