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DoDo NiCi, care Baby & Mum;DoDo NiCi, care Baby & Mum;

DoDoNiCi – shopping cart cover for baby

When shopping or dining, were you just busying with child’s annoying or crying?

Wanted to leave him/her in the shopping cart or high chair but worrying about public cart/chair ?

DoDoNiCi shopping cart cover is a can’t-miss tool to get better sitting for your baby, also help to leave your hands free from holding your baby to pick up your favor items while shopping.

Question: What is this cover fabric, will it smelly?

Answer: It is 100% cotton for baby touching & sitting area, totally not smelly, but silk soft breathable;

Question: Is it machine washable?

Answer:Yes, machine washable cold on gentle cycle.

Question: Does it fit Sam, Target, Walmart, etc cart?

Answer: Yes, it fits well.

Question: Will the cover stay well on the cart?

Answer: Yes, please see details:

A. Elastic inside to make it tight with cart handle;

B. Fasten the 2 snaps on left & right side of cover, then cover perfectly fasten on cart;

C. Fasten the Velcro around 2 holes of cart, make cover more tight, no slip any more.

D. Non slide fabric on back side of the cover, offers a positive support;

Question: Does the toy and pillow positioner included as bonus?

Answer: Yes.


What does the package have?

A. Cover itself with strap buckles;

B. Cell phone pouch for 6.5″ size;

C. Toy loop * 2; D. Cup holder-elastic;

E. Pocket for collection;

F. Bottle Strap for bottle hanging;

Phone pouch

Phone pouch

Strap for bottle

Strap for bottle

Bottle pocket

Bottle pocket

Question: Does it has a cell phone pouch holder?

Answer: Yes, size big enough for 6.5″ cell phone;

Question: Is the bottle strap free?

Answer: Yes, it is free.

Question: What is the volume size of the pocket?

Answer: Normal size like 500ml bottle fits;

With inside elastic of pocket, items inside pocket will not fall off easily.

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4.7 out of 5 stars

4.7 out of 5 stars


— $24.99$24.99

Nylon Mesh Mink Cotton Polyester Mink Plush

Universal Large 30*40 inch XLarge Large 30*40inch

Cotton for sitting area, others polyester
Made of cotton fabric for sitting area, Thick padding offers a feel of great comfort;
Features Cell phone carrier for child’s entertainment;
Fit for the cart size of most supermarkets, contain Costco, Target, Sam etc. It’s a can’t- miss tool to leave your hands free;
Extra bolster pillow, offers great support to babies, help kids to sit well.
Enough strong fasten accessories enable the cover to stay firmly in place, no slip away;