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Lipo bag e-Bike Battery BagLipo bag e-Bike Battery Bag




Flame retardant materialFlame retardant material

How does the fireproof bag for eBikes provide fire protection?

The fireproof bag, with its flame-retardant outer layer and insulating inner layer, serves as a containment and protective barrier, reducing the risk of external ignition in the event of a battery malfunction or fire.

Can I charge my eBike battery while it is inside the fireproof bag?

No, it is not recommended to charge your eBike battery while it is inside the fireproof bag. The bag is designed for storage and transportation. Charging the battery inside the bag could lead to heat buildup, potentially compromising safety.

How often should I inspect the eBike fireproof bag for damage?

Regularly examine the fireproof bag for signs of wear, tear, or damage. Look for frayed seams, punctures, or any issues that could jeopardize its fire-resistant properties. This ensures ongoing safety and protection.


【Why Do You Need an Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery Pack】 When a battery is influenced by external factors such as overcharging, overdischarging, physical damage, or high-temperature environments, it may lead to thermal runaway, causing a rapid increase in internal battery temperature, ultimately resulting in battery ignition or explosion.
【Upgraded High-Quality Fireproof Material】 Made from 4 layers of high-quality fireproof fiberglass (liquid silicone fireproof Fabric, fireproof glass fiber cloth, PVC fiber-glass fabric, aluminum foil layer), with an average heat resistance of up to 650°C – 750°C and an instantaneous temperature of up to 2000°C, high-performance flame-retardant material makes battery charging safer, reducing the risk of accidental fires and explosions to personal safety and property.
【Multifunctional and User-Friendly Design】 Bidirectional zipper and strong Velcro ensure complete sealing of the fireproof bag, effectively isolating air. The concealed charging port allows you to easily charge the battery without removing it from the bag. The portable design with included shoulder strap facilitates carrying and transportation. The built-in mesh compartment accommodates batteries of different sizes and types, chargers, and other devices.
【Large-Capacity Design with Wide Applicability】 Fireproof bag dimensions are 20.4 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches. It is designed to protect various lithium batteries such as electric bicycle batteries, toy batteries, drone batteries, dry batteries, and can also store valuable items or documents. Please measure your model’s size before purchasing.
【Essential Fireproof Bag for Travel】The fireproof bag is particularly useful for travelers or those who frequently go out. It ensures the safety of electronic devices at all times and provides a good storage environment for lithium batteries during transportation and storage, protecting personal safety and property.