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S866 LCD Display

  • Voltage : 24V 36V 48V 60V
  • Plug : 5Pin Female SM Plug
  • Size:80.5*47.5*49.5(mm)
  • Cable Length: 170cm ( SM )

22A Controller

  • Size(L*W*H):52*32*113mm
  • Rated Power:500W
  • Speed Set:1.1-4.2V
  • Mosfet:9 Mosfet
  • Booster:1:5
  • Brakes:Low-Level
  • Rated Voltage:DC36/48V

The controller and display intelligently identify the voltage, compatible with 36V/48 lithium battery((By setting the “P03” parameter)
The S866 Display is easy to install, with clear screen display and powerful functions
The controller has a headlight function, long press the “UP” button of the meter to turn on the backlight of the meter, and at the same time the front lights and rear tail lights of the bicycle will be turned on, making it more convenient and safe for you to ride at night
A total of 16 parameters of the display can be customized (there is a manual in the display box), which can be perfectly matched with your motor, PAS, throttle
130X thumb throttle compatible with most electric bike with φ22.5 mm handlebar,most bicycle electric for adults,electric mountain bike,folding bike and some electric scooter can be used.