Price: $61.58
(as of Jul 05, 2024 02:39:48 UTC – Details)

Controller: Compatible with 36V/48V lithium battery for electric bicycles, the voltage can be switched through the display, and some parameters can be customized, such as unit display (KM/MILE), PAS gear (3rd, 5th, 9th gear), backlight brightness adjustment Wait, the monitor comes with a manual
LCD display: S866 display interface information display is complete, battery display, speed display, subtotal mileage, total mileage, PAS gear switch, press and hold the up and down keys at the same time to enter the setting interface
Riding light function: The controller has two sets of light lines, which can be connected to 6V-60V electric bicycle headlights and taillights, long press the up button to turn on the display backlight function and turn on the car light function to increase the safety of riding at night
Three kinds of riding: the controller has throttle and PAS functions, you can freely switch the riding mode (pure electric riding, power-assisted riding, human riding) according to your own preferences, and enjoy the fun of riding