Price: $238.27
(as of Jul 04, 2024 21:54:33 UTC – Details)

Product details:
Battery type: lithium battery
Nominal voltage: 48 V
Nominal capacity: 8Ah /10.4Ah/12Ah/14Ah
Maximum constant discharge current: 25A (BMS)
Apply for: 1000W/750W/500W/350W
Battery charging voltage: 54.6 V
AC input: 110–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Charging time: 5-8 hours of battery

43 * 100 * 410 mm
43 * 100 * 430 mm
Suitable engine: 350W-1000W
Lifespan: over 1000 times
Maximum constant discharge current: 25A (BMS)

Warm tips:
1. Please check the compatibility between your electric bike engine and our battery before buying.
2. Recommended for use with a 48V 250-1000W electric bike engine.
3. It is strongly recommended to use the battery with the charger supplied because they are compatible with each other.
4. It is recommended to charge the battery to 80 percent if you store it for a certain period of time.
5. Make sure that the battery will be charged at least every 3 months to ensure the best performance and service life.

Package list:
1x 48v bicycle replacement battery with built-in BMS
2x key
1 x 2a battery charger (we deliver depending on the delivery country, if not requested.)
[Note] Be sure to pay attention to the height of the battery before buying, the height is divided into 410mm and 430mm.
[Parameter]Battery Size: 430*43*100mm.410MM*43*100mm. Built in imported grade A cells. Rated voltage 48 Volt, rated capacity 8-14 Ah optional.48V 12Ah 14AH fits for 0-1000w motors, 48V 8AH 10.4Ah fits for 0-500w motors. With a Charger: 54.6V 2A.
[Perfect Compatibility] Our battery can fit most motor kits Best choice for adult electric mountain bike, commute ebike, hybrid bicycle, e trike, fat tire bike. Strong motivation to ensure your long-term travel.
[ ≥80% Capacity After 800 Cycles] Every Lithinum battery have pass the QC appearance and function test before shipment. The Ebike battery charge cycle exceeds 1000 times.
[Safety and environmental protection] Made of Grade A lithium-ion environmentally friendly material cells, combined with advanced nickel strip welding technology and equipped with an intelligent BMS (Battery Management System); Each pack is ran through full charge and discharge thousands of times before leaving our facility, life expectancy of up to 3-5 years to ensure that you get every amp hour you paid.