Price: $44.59
(as of Jul 05, 2024 02:05:39 UTC – Details)

This controller is of KT brand and can only communicate with KT brand monitors. Please check if your controller and monitor model is “KT” to avoid malfunction.

Controller Parameters:

  1. Voltage: 36V or 48V (universal)
  2. Rated current: min 11A
  3. Voltage: DC30/40±0.5V Max.
  4. Current: 22±1A Speed setting: 1-4.2V
  5. Brake input: low level
  6. Size: 125*66*38mm(4.9*2.6*1.5in)
  7. Color: silver
  8. Weight: about 356g

Support KT display If the controller is connected to the system, the display is normal, but the PAS cannot assist in normal work, please adjust the PAS parameters in the display, and it can be used normally after adjustment. If you don’t have an instrument manual, please email me.