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14-187-22-S 14 187 20-S 14 187 22 Auto Choke Arm Assy Parts,Choke Arm Assembly Replacement,Auto Choke Arm Parts Compatible with Kohler Lawn Mower XT650 XT675 XT775 Models
[COMPATIBLE WITH] :14-187-22-S Auto Choke Arm Assy Parts Compatible with Specific Kohler Lawn Mower XT650 XT675 XT775 Models.
[COMPATIBLE MODEL] :XT675-2044, XT650-2031, XT675-2070, XT675-2075, XT775-2036, XT775-3030, XT775-3026, XT650-2027, XT650-2029, XT650-3034, XT675-3071, XT650-3028, XT650-3030, XT775-3032, XT675-3090, XT775-3047, XT675-2087, XT650-2037, XT650-2036, XT775-3042, XT675-3086, XT675-3085, XT675-3088, XT675-3066, XT675-2101, XT675-2100, XT675-3099, XT675-3102, XT675-3105, XT650-3042, XT650-2100, XT650-2101, XT650-3045,
[COMPATIBLE MODEL] :XT650-3035, XTX675-3000, XTX650-3013, XTX650-3012, XTX650-3000, XTX675-3013, XTX775-3102, XT775-3090, XT650-3039, XTX650-3011, XTX650-2100, XT775-2073, HD775-3011, HD775-3013, HD775-3018, XT675-3005, XTX775-3103, XT650-3000, XT650-3038, XT775-2018, XT775-3033, XT775-3048, XT775-3080, XT775-3065, XT650-3032, XT650-3044, XT675-2063, HD775-3023, XTX675-3017, XT675-3115, XT675-3076.
[PACKAGE INCLUDES]:1 PCS Choke Arm Assembly Replacement. P/N:14-187-22-S 14 187 20-S 14 187 22.Auto Choke Arm should be replaced regularly to ensure optimal performance from your mowers.
[QUALITY MATERIAL] :Auto Choke Arm Parts is made of high-quality wear-resistant materials, which have the characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance. After strict testing, it is durable and extends the service life of the machine.